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News for Thursday, May 5, 2016
The American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries jointly released the Actuaries Longevity Illustrator, an easy-to-use online tool to calculate longevity risk. The Actuaries Longevity Illustrator is available to everyone and provides the user with the likelihood of living various lengths of time, through which individuals and couples can better understand the risk of outliving their retirement income. Read the news release. (May 05, 2016)
Check out the latest issue of Contingencies. Features include “Help Them Get Home,” about how predictive modeling can improve outcomes in child welfare cases; “The Specter of Antiselection,” which explores how the increase in nondisclosure from applicants threatens the viability of life insurers; and “Mortality Experience of Hollywood Actors”—the media coverage of high-profile deaths of famous actors may suggest a “Live fast, die young” trend, but a deep study of the data offers some intriguing findings. Plus a provocative look at risk ranking as it pertains to kidney donation, the trillion-dollar marketplace of credit risk-sharing transactions, and the first puzzle in our new Crossword department. (May 02, 2016)
Read the latest issue of This Week—the Academy's end-of-week digital newsletter, compiling a week’s worth of news, updates, and media coverage in one convenient, easy-to-use publication. (April 29, 2016)
The April issue of Actuarial Update features the Academy’s slate of officer nominations, led by Stephen Alpert, selected by the Nominating Committee to be the nominee for president-elect. Also, read about a new issue paper that explores the first year of experience of the Affordable Care Act’s risk adjustment program, the “look in the mirror” test regarding actuarial qualifications, and much more. (April 29, 2016)
The Pension Practice Council submitted comments to the Department of Defense regarding the use of personal discount rates to calculate lump-sum payments from military pensions as required in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016. (April 27, 2016)